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Choose to be Healthy & Happy!



My mom, Flora Nomi was introduced to Shaklee by a friend that lived in California. She started taking the protein and vitamins and immediately felt more energized. She was so excited to share with her friends that she practically gave the products away so they can experience the same thing. When her friends started to feel better, they began sharing with their friends. It soon turned into an unexpected business of her own. She loved Dr. Shaklee's beliefs of products in harmony with nature. Back in the 1970's she always told us that Shaklee will be the "products of the future" and she was right. Today everyone is looking for safe & more health conscience products.

Being young and healthy back then I was totally against using the products however, my mom always kept reminding me that, "€œWhen anyone is saying things with love to listen". In other words, be open and willing to listen to what the other person is sharing.

My wife and I began using the Shaklee products, at an early age of 20. We fell in love with everything Shaklee had to offer and wanted to share the products with others too. We found that if we stopped taking the supplements for one day, we could feel the difference right away. We realize that if my mom did not share the products with us, we wouldn't have the quality of life that we have now. We also were fortunate to be partners with my mom and later on the Shaklee business was passed down to us.

My mom's philosophy was to serve each customer as being God sent and this attitude is still being carried out today.

Today, my family as well as our loyal Shaklee friends, are still reaping the benefits of be healthy and happy. We invite you to try the Shaklee products and be a part of our family too.

Bev & Nelson